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Upcoming PP music material, forcast 2017 / 01

Impressions of the launch of the first PP book “Der Slaf”. The result of our research on the topic of sleep (a collage in book form) was presented at the Carhartt WIP store Munich on April the 29th. Photos by Conny Mirbach

We are more than happy to finally announce our latest collaboration w/ Radio 80000 – aimed at spreading the cities latest musical tastes, news & more. Launching this Saturday with all day Live Shows broadcasted from our brand new Studio at Container Collective Munich, located at Atelierstrasse near Ostbahnhof Munich. Drop by or tune in via

12. November, live stream by Redlight Radio Amsterdam from the shop

15. Oktober 2016, afternoon at the shop

PP mix for Ace&Tate. For a “glassy” time give it a listen.    

PP poster print for Robert Johnson Offenbach

PP flyer for Stay Robert Johnson Offenbach

PP Pergola Mix for sunny rainy days. Mixed and compiled for Stay Frankfurt. Cover artwork by Public Possession.

Artwork for an exclusive Baba Stiltz track on The Fader.

23 July 2016, PP Monthly

11 June 2016, PP Monthly

Selected Posters & Flyers we designed for Schumann’s Bar am Hofgarten in Munich.

Poster we designed for “Die Zeit Kochtag” in April 2016.

In February 2016 we participated in a group exhibition at “Galerie Heitsch” Munich. For this we handed in five silk-screen prints (70cm x 100cm, limited to five copies per print). The opening of the Exhibition, that also featured artists like Mirko Borsche, Sarah Illenberger, Eike König and Johannes Beyer a.o.  was accompanied by PP music […]

2015, 2016 Public Possession + Ilian Tape poster

Details of the self-published PP Zine 02.

Poster design for Young Marco’s all night long set at Amsterdam Club Trouw. Graphic loosely sampling the artwork of Marco’s Album “Biology” released on ESP Institute.

16 Mai 2016 PP Monthly

Poster we did for a PP club night in Glasgow.