The multi talented babyxxan located in Naarm, Australia is a long time D.J. with experience playing across local clubs, events, and radio-stations. 
As a producer babyxxan has put out music as part of various compilations over the past years, with their debut album ‘lost tapes from the lilac island in space’ out on Best Effort in 2022, and now with a full length LP scheduled for the second half of 2023 to be released via Public Possession. 
Through all of their songs a strong connection to nature – the earth is clear and present. babyxxan blends field recordings with deep atmospheric sounds & bright percussions to make very distinct uplifting music. 
In their spare time they climb mountains and explore the wide lands of Australia, Europa and beyond leading to an open, free mind. 
D.J. sets of babyxxan are never linear, always surprising with lots of room to breathe and dream in between sections of percussion, broken beats and more classical house & techno.

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