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DJ City can already look back at a long history of releasing music and Quoting Samo DJ who once returned from a marathon gig in Berlin, playing 10+ hours with his Born Free partner Sling and DJ City who had previously released on their label: „it was good to have him with us, he knows how to mix and is able to build a vibe over a long period of time.“ Indeed Johan originally hailing from Stockholm, now residing in Berlin is known for long eclectic DJ sets, effortlessly moving within the various shapes of house, disco & techno. Holding down a residency at the infamous Cocktail D‘Amore party series, he’s become an integral part of the Berlin scene. 
With his musical productions he‘s been equally versatile. Since his debut on Public Possession in 2019 he found a temporary sweet spot in what could vaguely be described as vocal house, but in fact is much more, taking influences from EBM, Italo and electro clash all tied together by his deep, poetic, tongue in cheek lyrics. 
His songs dealing with love, sex, beliefs & life in a modern metropolis are quite likely being cued up world wide by the likes of Gerd Janson, Jennifer Cardini, Perel, Sedef Adasi and Seth Troxler as you are reading these lines…

Upcoming gigs

FRI 06.05.2022 – Climax, Stuttgart

SAT 07.05.2022 – Cabaret Eden, Ulm

SUN 08.05.2022 – Cocktail D’Amore, Berlin

FRI 13.05.2022 – Sala Sótano, Madrid

FRI 20.05.2022 – Club Zwei, Mannheim

FRI 27.05.2022 – Werkstatt 167, Copenhagen

SAT 02.07.2022 – Off-Cuts, Berlin

SUN 07.08.2022 – Cocktail D’Amore, Berlin

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