Nice Girl

Nice Girl is a D.J. and producer hailing from New Zealand. 
Over the past 3 years she has made a name for herself as one of the most exciting producers out there. Releasing a string of EP‘s and her debut full length titled „Ipsum“ a wild 15 track long ride that has been paraphrased as „mind boggling, tongue in cheek, spiritual & danceable“ by RA. Her latest outing on Public Possession included the track „Take Me Home“ which is featured on the current edition of „Cafe Del Mar“ a particularly cheeky (guilty) pleasure for both the artist and her home label Public Possession. It also excellently shows how versatile Ruby is, serving just about anything from ultra trippy, psychedelic, trancelike electronics to  bouncy vocal house or soothing trip hop. In the fall of 2023 her highly anticipated follow up to „Ipsum“ is going to be out. Ruby‘s second Album titled „UPP“ is more lighthearted compared to its predecessor, as she moves away from the somewhat darker, earthy tones of „Ipsum“ creating a fun, quirky, bleepy and fast universe where pitched vocals meet breakbeats and cosmic melodies.  
When Nice Girl D.J.s, she‘s digging deep, playing heady, tripped out house and techno never forgetting what a dance floor should be all about: the fun!
In the past year she has been playing various clubs and festivals in New Zealand and Australia as well as her first booked out EU Tour. 

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