Sophie Pschorr

Sophie is part of the P.P. family for a while already, working at- and selecting records for the shop. Naturally she is a great D.J. and it was about time that we added her to the official program. Holding down her residency “Pferdestärken” at Radio80000 and everywhere from Munich, Amsterdam to Paris & Berlin she feels at ease switching between genres, without loosing her distinctive touch that roots in a deep love for emotional and moody synthesizer music. Easily connecting the dots between the past & present she’s bound to surprise you and even more so: make you dance!

Upcoming dates
08.07.23 – Golden Pudel, Hamburg
15.07.23 – Schall im Schilf, Munich
04.08.23 – Kontrast Festival, Augsburg
20.08.23 – Studio Amore, Stuttgart
08.09.23 – PP Party, Munich

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