A Slice of Heaven

Baba Stiltz, Samo DJ & Tzusing

From Orient to Okzident
Steady beat – a German? voice – a bar fight – Hong Kong scenes by night – the city cowboys are riding through basement kitchens and along the asphalt. Collecting debts until the next triad board meeting…
Meanwhile the junk has left the harbour ready to carry dangerous goods across the ocean. Look over there – it’s the marine police. Can you hear the horns blow in Pacific Times? It’s damn hot in the streets of Beirut. But the bazar gives good cover to those who are on the run. Peeking around corners, hiding in the sandy breezes until the dark night falls. So finally one can indulge in the more lustrous activities of life… There the glamour and dispersal awaits the ones who can afford it. Take a risk – no way we gonna hollahback.

Samo DJ, Baba Stiltz and Tzusing came together to form this four track EP that invites you to let your mind wander to foreign territories. Take the ride and find yourself in exotic places far from here and now… but still so close.