RIP Swirl

Hope U Are Well

RIP Swirl “Hope U Are Well” (PP039)

12″ Vinyl EP

Having finished the announcement for RIP Swirl’s first EP that was out late last year on Public Possession, titled “9Teen90”, with the words: “A better life starts here”… we now find ourselves in a situation where we might have given a slightly off prognosis. Despite whatever happened out in the real world, Rip Swirls music was a good & constant companion in the last couple of months.
On his new EP, he picks up where he has left off in terms of mood, subtly introducing more silhouettes of his broad musical tastes. As icing on the cake the record includes features by “Catnapp” and “Sofie”. Wherever you may be – we “Hope U Are Well”. Enjoy the music.

Public Possession
Catalogue Number PP039