Public Possession

Katalog (02)

Where Am I? Katalog (02)

“Where Am I?“, the second Public Possession Katalog releases on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. The 512 pages strong book features an extensive mix of words, visuals, graphics and photos. As the title implicates it is a check up on the labels status quo, after having moved in between the fields of music, fashion print & events for the past decade. It is a look behind the scenes (inside the brains) of Public Possession and focuses mainly on notes, sketches & drafts from the archive, attempting to document some (a lot) of the label’s activities so far. The book is available on the 05.04.2023 and will be first presented at “Haus Der Kunst” in Munich on the 31.03.2023 where the label will hold a mini festivalto celebrate their anniversary.

Colour Print

512 pages
20cm x 30cm