Nutty Dubs

Konrad Wehrmeister

What to expect (when you‘re expecting)?

Growing up listening to a lot of dub and roots reggae in our teens and still continuing to do so until today, it is a particular pleasure to us to present the first DUB release on PP.
Courtesy of Konrad Wehrmeister (another Munich local), who in the past laid more focus on his technoid musical tastes. Having released under his own name or as part of formations such as “Günther Lause” or “Twoman” on labels like SVS Records and Paradise Now.

The outing for PP focuses on his efforts as a producer of the more mellow and laid back audio treatments – creating a dense atmosphere that instantly sucks you in – so cherish the moment and explore the sound cosmos that is offered to you within the three Nutty Dubs. No matter if high or low – the levels you wanna reach are definitely worth the cheat.

Dive in and get carried away (no expectations necessary).