Various Artists

7″ Vinyl

In 2008, Palms, the cross-continental collaboration project between Berlin’s Nadja Korinth and New York’s Ryan Schaefer, released «Der König» on their first album, «It’s midnight in Honolulu». «Der König» is a weird avantgarde post-pop track full of longing, wistfulness, melancholia, and cryptic German-English vocals. 2016 Menqui stumbled over the track on the Austrian social satire series «Altes Geld». He made a few small, respectful adjustments to «Der König» to make it fit better into his dj set. Bendedikt Frey reduced Nadja Korinth’s vocals to a sirenlike feverish pattern, added some trippy elements and a rumbling 100bpm beat. in the second half, the melancholic fundament turns into a dystopian psychedelic dance track with furious acidlines, yet still holding on to the nostalgia of «Der König».

Released by Lafmusik
Catalogue Number LAF 001 2020

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