Public Possession

Service Towel

Royal Blue towel w/ Pink embroidery (100 % cotton)
Usare (booth / pool / generali)
Try Dry (by your side)

Print top:
Public Possession
D.J. Service
Print bottom:
P.iu P.romo
Senza Sweat

Width – Length:
50cm x 100m
Made in Turkey

Catalogue Number: PP–SERVICE–02
Released by Public Possession

“It’s gone straight to #1 on the Beats In Space radio charts. People won’t stop calling in for the Public Possession Towel Release!”
(Tim Sweeney)

„Absorbent.“ (Bell Towers)

The perfect accessoire for every aspiring and hard working DJ: the Public Possession towel.
No matter if you are breaking a sweat saving or condemning the dance floor, if you just want to appear like you actually have something to do up there or simply have a problem with your perspiratory glands, PP towel is here to aid you. Unisex and in DJ-friendly blue. Looks great at your local swimming pool, too!”
(Gerd Janson)

„A godsend! If there was a top100 of the most-sweaty DJs, I were Nr 1 every year – Sweat-Dixon so to speak. Finally I can get rid of my Berghain Sauna towel!“ (Nick Höppner)

„Well done! Gonna make you sweat!“ (Âme)

“Since receiving the PP towel I have been able to improve (significantly) in these key areas: b2b set endurance and inspiration, invention of sleeping games and time for reflection. Life changer!” (Hunee)

„This is amazing! I’m not really accepting vinyl promo’s anymore nowadays – usually I just give them right back to the postman – but this towel will be perfect for all my trips to Ibiza this summer!“
(Job Jobse)

30,00 Euro

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