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Nishikigoi Foundation Crewneck

P.P. Nishikigoi Foundation Distro Moda Mondo


“Expo 2019 Soft Education”

Annual Koi Expo established in Honshu, 1824. Excellent relationships. Learning and teaching about fish over two Centuries. Join to experience Kohaku, Budo Koromo, Kujyaku, Sanke, Shusui, Asagi Koi and many more.

PP produced heather grey cotton sweatshirt.

Made in Portugal
Silkscreen Printed in Germany

Multi-Color Silkscreen Front & Back Print

Small: Shirt Length 68cm Chest Width 55cm Sleeve Length 61cm
Medium: Shirt Length 70cm Chest Width 57cm Sleeve Length 62cm
Large: Shirt Length 72cm Chest Width 59cm Sleeve Length 63cm
X-Large: Shirt Length 74cm Chest Width 61cm Sleeve Length 64cm

89,00 Euro