Carhartt WIP & Public Possession “Relevant Parties” T-Shirt

Carhartt WIP & Public Possession “Relevant Parties” T-Shirt (Black)

As part of Carhartt WIP’s „Relevant Parties“ Series we designed some cloth and recorded a mix on cassette.

With the design we introduce „Public Possession‘s Sonic Science“ – more research on music as a basic condition of life. A project that is currently „work in progress“. We are looking forward to reveal more on the topic in a not so distant future. As always we are greatful to carhartt for creating opportunities and showing their support for what we do.

Imitating Nature
Caveman Sounds
Pharaoe Phantasy
Melody of Planets
Rituals & Information
Baroque Hair
Mass Hysteria & Hymnus
Recording & Reproduction
Sonic Boom
Rave Behavior

Standard Carhartt WIP Shirt – Regular Fit – Black Shirt w/ Light Blue Print

39,00 Euro