Sap Sap Seio La

Samo DJ presents

Public Possession’s eight offering is a 10” EP curated by our good friend Samo DJ from Stockholm. Co-running the fantastic Born Free label with Daniel Isling aka Sling, releasing records on his own and in various different formations on Labels such as L.I.E.S., Born Free, High Feelings and more, he seemed to be exactly the right person to tackle the task of putting this record together.
On A1 he sparks your appetit for more with the short but on point. „Sha Tin 4am“ he produced himself in Hong Kong at his appartment located close to a horse racing track – flawless soundscapes galopping along. If you can’t get enough we suggest buy two copies and extend to a length that is to your satisfaction.
A2 is produced by Daniel Savio and Sam Nyholm who together form “Over the Hill”, Stockholm’s most dangerous ethnic Techno Band. Slow heavy baseline, synth stabs and a dubby groove all contained in this psychedelic ride, preferably listened to loud! The whole B-side gives space to “Here My Dear”, courtesy of the yet unheard-of Taro Tokugawa. A very danceable trip that is on the edge of Pop music but uses a vocal sample that you would rather expect to be in a track by the Wu-Tang Clan.
Now please go on to check out this record.