PP proudly presents „another double urge to turn up the volume“:
The 12th offering on Public Possession comes from TMO (aka Leonid Lipelis).
Lipelis, who is based in Moscow and whom we met there first when playing in Russia, is a music maniac. This was clear almost instantly and at some point during the night we found ourselves on the couch in his homestudio, where he played us an array of tracks from his various guises and projects. One of the first tracks presented to us was “Melodic Jam”. It grabbed our attention immediately with its raw acid sound merging perfectly with beautiful atmospheric synth pads and an almost naive melody – powerful and emotional stuff. Since TMO is a project based around the concept of Lipelis recording one-take jams with his studio hardware (only doing slight adjustments subsequently) the sound has a lot of grit and spontaneity. Jam IV concludes this EP. Shorter and a bit slower than its counterpart on side A, it gets to the point quickly and leaves no questions unanswered – except when is the next one coming??