Remix EP

REMIX EP Fri 10 May 2019

It turned out to be rather difficult to get inside the club that night. I tried to argue my way in, unfortunately without any success. Even when I used my sparse German (Lass Mich Rein) it was in vain.

What problem did the bouncers have that night?

Luckily caught sight of Wolfram, Yung Hurn, Egyptian Lover and Westbam, being followed by a huge entourage, making their way towards the entrance. Took my chances, attached myself to the group and there I was: inside the Club!

My expectations were instantly exceeded as “My Love is for Real”, an epic house ballade with distinctive Haddaway vocals, greeted me warmly in the jam packed club.

The night peaked around 5am as the DJ played an energetic, breaky piano tune with high pitched vocals and the dancefloor went completely nuts. Managed to get a glimpse on my phone, Shazam said something about DJ Gigola x RIP Swirl, what a tune! High times continued until 8am. I was among the many who stayed until the end, a happy bulk spilled out into the streets and towards the first sunrays of the day.

Except the unfriendly door staff, this was one of the best nights I had in a long time!

RA Event Review 4.2/5.0