Public Possession

WOW World of Wisdom

80 Pages
210 x 297 mm

A quick introduction to all those, who happen to stumble upon this book without any prior knowledge on the project that is “WOW – World of Wisdom”. All text based content on the following pages is a chronological archive of messages (emails) we have received over the past one and a half years (ca. May 2020 – February 2022). The messages are direct responses to an open call that reads like this:
WOW World of Wisdom
What is on your mind? Please leave us a message. We are here to share, not to compare. Dedicated to the magic of the human mind. Archiving individual thoughts for a better understanding of life on earth. Possibilities are infifinite. Curiosity is education – communication is elevation. Try to be reasonable not radical. Balance is everything. Your messages will be published annually as printed medium. All proceeds of the publication will go to charity. For further questions please send an email to:
Soft Education
Think before we print

We didn’t know what to expect when starting this project / whether to expect anything at all. By trying to keep the guidelines as vague as possible we wanted to provide a blank space to be fifilled with thoughts about all that is part of life. Our expectations in regards to participation and variety of messages were exceeded by far and we would herby like to thank everyone, who took the time to send
us a message. All messages are being published anonymously and most of them were sent anonymously.

The reason for that is mainly that we wanted for the recepients (you & us) to be as unbiased as possible when taking them in. Further information can be if you click the WOW link here on the website.
Opossum Osang & Drachensang Munich, February 2022