Chill Pill II

PP-DISC-04 — Chill Pill II

Double CD Compact Disc / incl. 32-page Inlay

In the back seat of a car, in a room full of strangers, in a field wide open underneath the stars, in a stairway, on a Flokati, in the river, stoned, in the arms of a friend, by the sea, sleepy, on the bonnet, green grass, by the river, in your room, in a strangers room, on a couch, alone, on the floor, in the restroom, in a tent, on the bed, in love, in the garden, wet, on a wooden stool, euphoric, in an armchair, next to the lava lamp, soaked in sweat, in a park, mindful, in the woods, dizzy, at the fire place, with an open mind, a bit high, in the sand, on the earth, breathing, connected, grateful. 

Released by Public Possession

Catalogue Number PP-Disc-03

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  1. Popp “Amina”
  2. Vanessa Worm “Orion No.3”
  3. DJ Batman “Hello Darkness My Old Friend”
  4. Nice Girl, Michael “Conjunct”
  5. Laura Groves “M6 North”
  6. Occupanther “4D Lemmings”
  7. Bell Towers “Precious Gem”
  8. Secret Circuit “Under Mi Yard”
  9. Obalski “Platinum Phrases”
  10. DJ Chrysalis “Cushion”
  11. Eden Burns “Organ Torque”
  12. Young Marco “Encarta”
  13. Sui Zhen “Another Time”
  14. RIP Swirl “Whacked”
  15. DJ City “Pretend It’s Forever”
  16. JD Twitch “Jimi”
  17. Apiento “5AM Swim”
  18. Andras “Revegation Area 2002”
  19. Sofie Royer “In The Park”