Chill Pill V

PP-DISC-05 — Chill Pill V

Double CD Compact Disc / incl. 12-page Inlay

A patio somewhere in the open. Music is playing (all kinds of). The protagonists are either tipsy or slightly high. The general mood: frisky. Coloured sunblinds: Azur, yellow, red, white & green. A sea breeze and the smell of boats – salt water, kerosine. Large sound spins my head around. From where I stand you look so good. The temperature is getting higher, can you feel my burning desire?

Released by Public Possession
Catalogue Number PP-DISC-05

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  1. Aiden Ayers & Yu Su “It’s Not Enough”
  2. SMLR “The Grand Theft Hope”
  3. Nice Girl “e-e-e”
  4. Zylva “Orange (feat. Damian Dalla Torre)”
  5. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Feeling Out Life”
  6. Didi Han “The Love Boat”
  7. DJ City “Comeniusplatz”
  8. Popp, Jürgen Branz “Good Problems”
  9. Pascal Moscheni “Toyota Mehari”
  10. Mayurashka “Yellow Echo”
  11. RIP Swirl “Dizzy (live)”
  12. Bollard “Interview With A Doll”
  13. Caslean “Ariane”
  14. Zam Ram “My Desire”
  15. Aksel & Aino “Kindly Eyes”
  16. Ultraflex “Digg Digg Deilig”
  17. ddwy “orchard”
  18. Over The Hill “Power Strength Relaxation”
  19. DJ Chrysalis & Jennifer Loveless “Off Key Trip”
  20. Polygonia “Gefieder”