MMMHaus Haus der Kunst

MMMHaus – Meet Make Move

9.-11. Mai 2024

Haus der Kunst & Public Possession

Choose what you want to do – or watch someone else doing it“. Meet, make, move. Listen, talk, see —> do, eat, play. Curiosity is fun. Tune in to what the city has to offer. In the end there will be a dance. 

A three day event taking place 9. – 11. May 2024 at Haus Der Kunst. Admission free. 

For three days the Haus Der Kunst and Public Possession invite children, non grown ups, their parents & friends to join a free festival full of art, music & play. Several rooms of the museum will host workshops on crafts, cooking, making music, printing & drawing, sports and more. Join friends of the Haus der Kunst and Public Possession for a walk through the Englischer Garten or just sit back and stare at the sky on the museum’s terrace while your kids cover it in goa paint. On Friday Night Public Possession will host another legendary party, this time taking over the Terrassen Saal of the Museum (Tickets required).